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“TSUNAMI starts with a bang and the reader is off on a 300 page wild adventure. I could not put it down. I know this is a cliché, but I have to say it anyway. TSUNAMI is a page turner.
Simon Barrett, Online Book Reviews

“I loved this book. If you want to be entertained, intrigued, and enthralled by the dual plot of nature versus man, and greed versus the good of man, then you will love it, too.”
Stephanie Boyd, Armchair Interviews (Writers Digest 101 Best Websites)

“Gordon Gumpertz takes us on this thrilling journey of seismography and volcanology and of parallel lives that unexpectedly intersect. From sabotage to smuggling, as well as a little romance, it’s all included in this contemporary page turner.”
Kate Greenwood, TCM Reviews

“It takes a special writing skill to bring these types of events to life on the written page, and Gordon Gumpertz does an excellent job of making me feel as though I am RIGHT there in the thick of things! This book is fantastic.”

“TSUNAMI reads like a made for TV movie and rises above the typical natural disaster story by providing memorable and believable characters. I thoroughly enjoyed TSUNAMI and would definitely watch it if it was ever turned into a miniseries.”
Sarah Sammis, Puss Reboots Online

With an authentic grasp of his subject, Gordon Gumpertz weaves together scientific and social truths throughout this action-packed adventure novel. Given the book’s drama and realism, TSUNAMI may call for a genre of its own – scientific thriller.
Susan Haley, Fascinating Authors



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