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Red Hot Sky is an adventure that will keep you thoroughly entertained, yet leave you thinking long after the last page is read. Short chapters make the pace quick and the characters are believable and relatable. Romance, mystery, and science that even I can understand plus sharp writing mesh together into a thrilling read.

Wendy L. Hines “Minding Spot”


Red Hot Sky is absolutely WONDERFUL!   I just can’t get over the amount of research that went into it – the variety, the locations, just everything!  It is a real breath-holder until the very very last!  I can see it as a movie too.  I’m busy casting it now.

C. Irvine, Kailua, HI


Two words: Great book! This book is one I couldn’t put down. The author takes us with him through an elaborate tale of what will happen when the world we know starts having some dramatic changes take place. The book is fast paced but written so you aren’t made to feel that anything is “above your head” so to speak. I recommend this book as it is a great read and I never felt left out of anything. I give Red Hot Sky by Gordon Gumpertz 4.5 starts out of 5.



While the plot and details seem extremely overwhelming at first, Gumpertz cleverly pieces each puzzle piece together in a way that seems natural. Alternate chapters allow the reader to see multiple plots converging into one. The characters are endearing and act in a realistic manner, and I especially like how Gumpertz detailed the interactions between Ben and Claudine, the two main characters. Instead of a cookie cutter romance, the author created a strong, independent female who was not afraid to speak her mind,  and a romance that suffered ups and downs, much like any othe natural relationship. Red Hot Sky is a well written thriller that will satisfy any reader.

USMCwife329, Arlington, VA



Go. Buy. Now. Especially if you like the whole crazy weather ending the world stories! Rated PG because of some language….and a little violence.

Jacque, Good Family Reads


Dramatic climate change and potential world calamity make for a high stakes game in the action/adventure novel Red Hot Sky by Gordon Gumpertz. The life-threatening power of extreme weather —over the planet and over men—takes the reader into a world of intrigue and international espionage. Events lead from a scientific lab in Virginia, to Geneva, to Tehran, to Moscow, and into the desolate Russian lands near the Finnish border. Along with his gift as a storyteller, Gumpertz weaves together science, technology, and the international scene with skill and knowledge. Can the earth endure a red hot sky? If not, what’s ahead? I couldn’t stop turning the pages as this high-tech twenty-first century adventure unfolded. terrific read!

Carol Mann, Author