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How much oil is left in the ground? The CIA wants to know, and Agency research specialist Cody Mason has the job of finding out. While his geologists are testing worldwide oil fields to get the answer, disaster strikes refineries, tank farms, and drilling platforms all around the globe. A shadowy group calling itself the Freedom Brotherhood takes credit. When attempts are made on Cody’s life, he starts investigating the mysterious Brotherhood. Cody’s lab assistant, Amber Solano, also becomes involved in the case, and Cody becomes involved with Amber. Little by little, Cody and Amber peel back the layers of a monstrous conspiracy, placing both of them in the crosshairs.


GORDON GUMPERTZ crafts his third action/adventure novel, LIFE’S BLOOD, in the same high-tension spirit as his two previous thrillers, TSUNAMI and RED HOT SKY, both of which have received outstanding reviews and attracted a wide readership.
In addition to writing novels, Gordon has won gold and silver awards in national and regional short story competitions. He is a member of the Palm Springs Writers Guild, a UCLA graduate, and an instrument-rated private pilot. He keeps his website current by blogging on natural disasters and natural phenomena at www.tsunaminaturaldisaster.com
Gordon and his wife Jenny live in Palm Desert, California, not far from the San Andreas Fault, where the northbound Pacific Plate collides with the southbound North American Plate, producing increasingly high levels of fault line stress which, the seismologists say, may soon produce the Big One.

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