About the book – Glory Zone

In his new novel Glory Zone, Gordon Gumpertz writes about a future world of clone banks, gene cures, flying eyes, perpetual war – and love found late in life. In this future time, the world’s nations have merged into two mega-states, bitter enemies locked in a bloody war in the Northern Mountains – a war fought by the old, not the young. Jeff Granger, drafted into the army on his sixty-fifth birthday, has been taught from an early age that his people will be conquered and enslaved if the brutal enemy breaks through. His patriotic duty is to defend the homeland by fighting and dying in a just cause. But Jeff suspects a hidden agenda in the conflict and sets out to unmask a vicious war that few survive. Dark forces thwart Jeff at every turn, and place him and his family in mortal danger, but he refuses to give up. In the army he meets his true love, fellow soldier Rachel Chan. Rachel joins Jeff on his perilous journey.